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Please Pray for the Philippines


I don’t care what type of blog you are or what beliefs you have, but please keep the Philippines in your prayers and thoughts

The Philippnes was hit by a super typhoon Haiyan/Yolanda hours ago. It is the strongest ever typhoon recorded in the WORLD!

Please. The Philippines is my homeland and many families of mine live there. As many other people’s families.

Donate to the Philippine Red Cross if you can.


Festival Script By Sudtipos.

Festival Script is a logical evolution within the deco script territory previously explored by Koziupa and Paul in efforts like AranjuezBellas ArtesHeraldica and Tanguera. This time around, the bilinear contrast is quite pronounced, and the ornamental swashing treatment is really kicked up, modernizing the bold luxury that elevated simple everyday objects to ridiculous levels of appeal and want in the twentieth century.

The basic structure of this script is the familiar Koziupa aesthetic of weaving stems and sharp endings, but occasionally informed by a bit of geometry, and stunned with precise thin ribbons that make it an aching lettering romance that never keeps on a starting and stopping in manners unpredictable, yet always beautiful. Layering hairline variations and multiple alternates for almost every form are included within the font, ranging the swashing possibilities from minimal to utter exuberance, from simple expert wrist motions to stupendously elaborate Argentine filete mosaics.

Get it here:

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